Experiences near Skive

There are plenty of experiences for the whole family in the area near Skive. We have the unique nature, attractions, experiences for the family with children, theater, music, art galleries, local food products.

Restaurants and gourmet

There are plenty of great places to eat near and in Skive; both family-friendly restaurants, diver-bar with oysters and gourmet with a fabulous view over the Limfjord.


Want to see the world’s biggest limestone quarry, Denmark’s best preserved medieval castle, visiting the Danish writer Jeppe Aakjær’s home, going hunting for fossils, or have fun in the tropical swimming facility?

Music, theater and comedy

The amount of music and theater in Skive is overwhelming, with concerts and plays all year round. During the summer, there are several open-air concerts.

Art galleries, glassblowing, museums

Skive has several galleries and museums, and even a place with glassblowing!

For the family

Aside for the many opportunities on the campsite, Skive and the area around invite for lots of fun with a tropical swimming facility, the playground The Children’s Paradise, fossil- and mushroom hunting, the mine train, the Bunker Museum in Hanstholm, knights and so on.


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